What makes UCSA unique?

Experience the best of both worlds studying for a degree with UCSA

At UCSA you will be given the best of both worlds. Oaklands College is committed to providing you with a safe, vibrant, inclusive and progressive environment. You will be part of a college with a well established reputation built over years of experience that works with students of all ages, helping them achieve their goals.

The University of Hertfordshire is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons by meeting new people and discovering new interests. You will become part of a university that is committed to ensuring students get the best possible experience during their time at university.  That’s why the University spends more on facilities than any other university in the UK.

  • A University of Hertfordshire Degree delivered principally at the University Campus St. Albans (located within Oaklands College)
  • Course content driven by the needs of employers and those in or seeking employment
  • Based around calendar not academic years
  • Study at your own pace –degree can be completed in 3 (accelerated), 4 (standard) or 6 (decelerated) calendar years
  • A 3 calendar year accelerated route more suitable if you are working part time.
  • New study  pattern – one evening a week at Oaklands College, St.Albans  and one Saturday a month  at the University of Hertfordshire.
  • New blend of both classroom based and on line learning
  • Flexible points of entry – January, May and September
  • Reduce the cost of full time degree vs part time degree course by at least 30%
  • Experience the best of both worlds studying a degree with UCSA
  • Personalised learning in small groups

So, whatever you want from your UCSA experience, we offer the best of both worlds in which you can learn, develop your skills and above all have a great time.