• Personal Information

  • Residence and Fee Status

    All students will be asked to supply details of their financial position, letters of guarantee from sponsors etc, to ensure that they can complete the course without financial hardship.
  • Equality and Diversity

    UCSA is committed to providing opportunities for all. By providing information in this section,we can monitor if we are achieving this and ensure that we provide you with the facilities and support to facilitate your learning experience. This will help us monitor equal opportunities and your assistance in completing this is appreciated.
  • Additional Details

    UCSA is committed to meeting the needs of people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, so please let us know if you require additional support. There is a range of support services also available to all students. If you tick any of the boxes below, we will contact you to establish if you need any assistance to attend an interview.

    At interview there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss your requirements further. UCSA is committed to ensuring all students meet their full potential. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

  • Disabilities, learning difficulties and health problems

  • Criminal Convictions

  • Courses

  • Qualifications

  • Reference

    If you are still at School/College, or have recently left (within the last two years), please use your School/College as a reference. For all other applicants a work-related reference is required
  • Employment History

  • Post Held - Company Name. Dates to/from. Brief description of role
  • Personal Statement

  • UCSA reserves the right to remove a student from their course of studies if inaccurate or misleading information is provided.
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