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The power of learning

The power of learning: Should I get a degree? Many successful people never even try to get a degree, just look at Sir Alan Sugar….others hold proudly their qualifications, for example the American President Barack Obama…and some of the most successful people in technology are Harvard drop outs, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg…So what is the right thing to do? In […]

By Sean Scully | Thought Pieces

Did you know you can gain accreditation for your management experience?

This would enable you to fast-track your degree and be exempt from 2 years of study.

You would need to register your interest by completing the application form and we will arrange a meeting/phone call.

You will be supported by a tutor to help you put together a portfolio that captures your experience. This takes 2 -3 months so if you are interested and want to join the BSc Construction in January 2019 please submit your application today. There is a fee of £500.