How to become a chartered manager

How to become a chartered manager

Are you an experienced manager or supervisor keen to develop further as a professional? Qualifying as a chartered manager could be the perfect next step in your career.

What is a chartered manager?

The position of chartered manager is the most prestigious attainable in the managerial profession. Recognised across sectors, the qualification demonstrates to employers the ability to lead and manage in any candidate who possesses it. It is also an indicator of integrity and ethics within business.

A chartered manager is adept at managing people, projects, services, finance and strategy in order to deliver long-term business success.

The benefits of being a chartered manager are demonstrable and wide-ranging. On average a chartered manager adds £391,443 in value to their organisation and retention rates of managers or supervisors with qualifications in chartered management are 93%.

Though its professional benefits are substantial, the qualification also offers many personal benefits to those talented enough to attain it.

92% of chartered managers describe themselves as more self-aware in their roles and 83% state that chartered management training has improved their skills in business and management.

Chartered manager status

Chartered manager status benefits individuals in many ways.

First and foremost, the additional training in the role of a chartered manager increases the confidence and capability of the candidate in their management position, informing their professional decision making and better equipping them to train junior employees if necessary.

The qualification also increases the employability of a chartered manager, providing evidence of transferable skills in business and management and demonstrating commitment to the role of manager or supervisor.

It is only possible to become a chartered manager by graduating from a certified chartered manager degree apprenticeship (CMDA) that fulfils entirely the standards set by the Chartered Manager Award.

Chartered manager degree

A chartered manager degree is ideal for professionals who:

  1. Currently work in management or supervisory roles and wish to develop their careers further
  2. Want to earn highly-regarded professional qualifications in management
  3. Are keen to continue working alongside their academic study

Chartered manager degree requirements

In order to be accepted onto a chartered manager degree course, candidates must have completed the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

The APL process enables those with prior managerial or supervisory experience to have their professional achievements assessed as marks towards part of a degree course in chartered management.

The APL course takes four months and is comprised of four sessions. Once a candidate has completed their APL, they are awarded 180 credits towards a chartered management degree apprenticeship.

Before beginning a chartered manager degree candidates must also:

  1. Have at least two years of work experience in a professional managerial or supervisory role
  2. Work at least 30 hours a week. If the candidate works for fewer hours than this, the duration of the apprenticeship will be extended proportionately to the hours worked

Apply now

Our part time fast track chartered manager degree apprenticeship is the quickest way to a qualification that will enhance your career in management.

Graduate chartered managers of the University Campus of St Albans receive a BA (Hons) in Business and Management after two years of tuition.

You can study for an apprenticeship alongside your current managerial or supervisory position, meaning that no career break is necessary. As the apprenticeship fees are covered by government levy, there are no costs either for the candidate or their employer. Study has never been so affordable.


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