How to become a supervisor

How to become a supervisor

Are you thinking about how to become a supervisor? There are a variety of reasons why you might consider this career path.

It might be that you enjoy your current role but want to progress within the company. Possibly you love managing people and want to move into the position of supervisor immediately without working an entry-level role.

How to become a supervisor: duties and skills

In order to carry out your duties as a supervisor to the best of your ability, you will need to be an excellent leader and motivator with the ability to organise, plan and prioritise workload to strict deadlines.

The role is also a highly social one and requires you to communicate concisely with colleagues – both verbally and on paper – and build strong working relationships with them.

How to become a supervisor in a business role

Generally you must have at least a year – and often two years’ – experience in a job before you apply for the role of supervisor. This is to ensure that you are fully familiar with the role you are in and the company for which you are working.

There is a lot of merit in this training approach but even so, it has its drawbacks. Once promoted you may feel that you lack the confidence and experience necessary to be the best supervisor you could be.

A sound knowledge of the company and the industry does not necessarily equip you with strategies for good supervision within them. Although undoubtedly you will have learned about supervision from your own previous supervisor, your own skills may require fine-tuning.

Sometimes larger companies run management training schemes for supervisor roles internally, or send candidates on external training courses in order to prepare them for the job, but this is dependent upon your current employer who may not provide this kind of specialist training.

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How to become a supervisor without experience

The role of supervisor is usually one for which experience in the company is mandatory. However, it is also possible to become a supervisor without working an entry-level position in a company beforehand if you have the right professional qualifications.

A chartered manager degree apprenticeship is a fast-track course that equips candidates with all the skills they need in order to go into business management or supervision without the need for extensive experience or employer support or funding.

If you’re wondering how to become a supervisor without first spending two years of experience in an entry-level business role, consider supervisor courses such as a a chartered manager degree. It’s the ideal choice for those who want to further develop their careers and grow as professionals.

Chartered manager apprenticeships are also advantageous due to their short duration. Although graduates leave with a BA, the courses are designed to be completed in just 24 months, as opposed to three years.

In order to be accepted onto an apprenticeship, you must have been working as a supervisor for two years, but this need not be in a strictly business environment.

Chartered manager degree apprenticeship studies are undertaken alongside work in a supervisory position in a blended format, including:

  1. 1 day a fortnight attendance at college
  2. 1 day a fortnight directed study, including completing reading and written assessments and other professional development
  3. Training in the workplace, including support, mentoring and shadowing,
  4. Additional private study conducted in the candidate’s own time

A chartered manager degree apprenticeship will help you to take your developing organisation and people management skills to the next level, putting you in a strong position to apply for your first business supervisor role.


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