Outstanding results from our recent LEAP graduates

Outstanding results from our recent LEAP graduates

Nowadays it can be hard to find good news but I want to share, with their permission, some comments from two recent graduating students who were awarded prizes for their outstanding results  … these are extracts from emails that so warmed my heart !

These students are very experienced managers returning to education later on in life which is never easy. We are very confident  that the fast track one year BA (Hons) Leadership and Professional Development (BA LEAP) has a big impact on people.  Max and Alison were wonderful examples of people who took the LEAP forwards.

Stephen Fox, Director of Higher Education


Dear Stephen,

This prize news is incredible and has given me another huge lift. I remember when we first met at Oaklands and I questioned my ability to undertake a degree. You could definitely see something in me and gave me the confidence to take the course, so big thanks for that. The idea that the prize will be mentioned at graduation just makes me smile from ear to ear (there goes my ego again!).

I have enjoyed every minute of LEAP. The subject matter was my ‘wheelhouse’ and the cohort was made up of some great characters, I thoroughly enjoyed the rich class sessions and made some great new friends. I would like to commend you and your team of staff and tutors for delivering a high quality degree on every level. It’s rare you come off the back of something like this and say well that was close to perfect, but there is very little I would question/change, it’s a really powerful and enjoyable blend. I imagined I would say at the end that it would underpin my career, however I learnt so much and really wish I would have taken to academia earlier in life. I do not see it as underpinning anything, I see it as the start of a learning journey that will go on for the rest of my life.  

Kind regards

Max Campbell


Hi Stephen

Thank you so much for this, I’m delighted and honoured. 

The whole experience has truly been a joy and has kept me positive through some tough times this year, so this really means a lot.

Many thanks

Alison Sudbury


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