What are the benefits of studying a top-up degree in business management?

What are the benefits of studying a top-up degree in business management?


What does a top-up degree involve?

A top-up degree allows students who have completed a foundation level degree or equivalent to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. The top-up degree is therefore comparable to the final year of an undergraduate degree.  

A top-up degree will provide you with an internationally-recognised qualification. It will also serve to expand your knowledge and progress your understanding of your chosen subject — all while gaining new skills. 

Top-up degrees alongside work experience provide a powerful combination. They are becoming increasingly popular, because in today’s competitive job market, employers value skills and knowledge which can be applied to real life. This can help you to progress within your current workplace or set you apart from the rest when starting a new career.


Why should I consider a top-up degree in business management?

There are numerous benefits to completing a top-up degree in business management. You will:

✔ Gain accreditation

Accreditation shows a future employer that the course you have completed is high quality.  

✔ Attain useful skills

Unlike many other degrees, business management will provide you with practical skills that will impress a future employer and you can use in a real-world context. 

✔ Explore different areas of business

There are so many areas of business that you can choose to specialise in. You may not be aware of some until you study them in depth. This allows you to find your area of interest and expertise and provides you with a broader career choice. It will also serve to enrich your general business knowledge so that you have a wider understanding of the different disciplines. This will lead to superior management. 

✔ Benefit from networking 

A top-up degree in business management will allow you to network and share ideas with other like-minded students. The friendships you make can be mutually beneficial as you help and support each other throughout your careers. 

A top-up degree in business management can be particularly beneficial because it allows students to do valuable business-related work experience alongside studying: to apply what they are learning. 


What careers can I get after completing a top-up degree in business management?

Completing a top-up degree in business management will equip you with numerous transferable skills, including:

  • A practical knowledge of how a business operates
  • The ability to interpret and use business data
  • Analytical thinking
  • The ability to make quick, considered business decisions
  • Effective communication
  • Divergent thinking
  • Efficient time management

There are many different areas of business that will benefit from these skills, including: management, HR, finance, marketing, PR, supply chain, business law, sales and logistics.

Potential jobs include: 

  • Business adviser
  • Business analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Investment banker
  • Data analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Project manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Supply chain manager


Can I study a top-up degree in business management part-time?

The most obvious benefit to studying a business management degree part-time is the time you will have available to work alongside studying. This provides the opportunity to gain work experience (which ticks many benefit boxes for future employers) and financial benefits. Part-time studying also suits someone who is balancing family life with career progression. 


The part-time business management programme at UCSA is designed for students who want to study outside their normal working hours. As such, teaching is usually provided through a convenient combination of Saturday workshops and live webinars taking place during mid-week evenings. And the financial benefits include saving up to 50% on equivalent full-time tuition fees. The course really does provide the best for students and their future. 


If you’re interested in undertaking a part-time top-up degree in business management to get your career moving, get in touch.


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