Why is it important to continue developing professionally throughout your career?

Why is it important to continue developing professionally throughout your career?


What is professional development?

Professional development is a process that involves continuing education and training so that you can advance in your career. It allows you to develop new skills, keep abreast of the latest developments and gain exposure to other areas within your field.

In some professions, professional development is compulsory, ensuring that employees are always up to date. Sometimes professional development is completed through your employer, but you may have to seek out your own professional development course. 


Why is it important to continue developing professionally?

We live in a rapidly evolving world; technology is continually advancing and the economic climate is ever-changing. In fact, change is the new normal, so it’s important that you remain ready to continually learn and adapt in your career. Professional development will allow you to bend with the wind without breaking as you learn the latest trends, techniques and practices.

Benefits include:

✔ Increasing your expertise

✔ Gaining a competitive edge

✔ Boosting your confidence and credibility

✔ Filling in knowledge gaps

✔ Improving your efficacy and ability

✔ Increasing your productivity

✔ Opportunity for future career changes 

✔ Flexibility and adaptability to pivot when needed

✔ Remaining fresh, with your finger on the pulse 

✔ Upskilling current qualifications

✔ Increasing your business network


Why is it important to develop good leadership skills?

The need for good leadership skills has never been greater in today’s turbulent world. Like professional development, leadership development helps individuals and businesses to navigate change and strategise. There is also a growing understanding that leadership development isn’t just for those few at the top. 

Leadership development courses benefit employees and the organisation. The Return of Investment for an employer is clear. Studies have shown that providing leadership development is the benefit employees most desire, and that in this way, it helps to attract and retain talent, providing a clear career path. It also provides a great morale booster; the employee undertakes the leadership development and their renewed positivity and drive rubs off onto their team. Leadership development also helps to provide leaders with the skills to enable them to increase the productivity of their team. And this all ultimately helps improve a company’s bottom line. 


What does a leadership and professional development course involve?

As you move up the ladder within your organisation through the leadership positions, it is essential that you keep an advantage, particularly if your fundamental qualifications need updating to maintain relevancy. You also need to make sure that your skills are honed and up to date. These skills can be gained through a leadership and professional development course. This will also provide you with opportunities to plan a career path and to network with other like-minded leaders. 

The BA (Hons) Leadership and Professional Development is a 12-month work-related programme designed for people who want to enhance their leadership or management role within the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Often those taking this course will not have formal academic qualifications, but they will currently be in a leadership role. Not only will you be able to associate with other leaders while you learn, you will also be eligible to be considered for further study on a master’s degree or MBA at the Hertfordshire Business School after successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts.

The programme consists of three modules to teach core leadership skills that will equip you to be an effective leader. You will boost productivity in your team, lead change, inspire, and move your career forward:

  • Leading and Influencing People
  • Leading Change in Organisations
  • Leadership and Professional Development Project – Project 1
  • Leadership and Professional Development Project – Project 2

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