University Campus St Albans will deliver highly flexible and affordable degrees, enabling the real talent from businesses in the region to realise their potential. Reaching your business goals means relying on the behaviour and results of a number of key individuals but how can you develop and grow their talent?

You can now offer your best people this unique opportunity which will also benefit your business. The part time BA Hons degree course takes place outside working hours so you get the best of both worlds; highly motivated business people of tomorrow who will appreciate your investment in their future and day to day skills development taking place 9 to 5 at the heart of your organisation.

How you could benefit….

  • Active promotion of this opportunity to gain a degree can help develop, motivate and retain excellent staff
  • Use the degree as part of a recruitment strategy for new staff
  • Join our employer board and help make the degree even more relevant for the real world
  • Create opportunities for staff to progress into new roles with greater responsibility within your organisation
  • Create a progression route for your apprentices
  • Grow your own graduates
  • Enhance your profile as an organisation
  • Benefit from a highly motivated employee apply their learning and skills to help improve your organisation

Did you know?

  • 83% of surveyed part-time graduates felt better qualified to do their jobs and
  • 63% had taken on more responsibilities at work
  • Levels of employment stability are particularly high for part-time students with 81% working throughout their study and two years later
  • Employers value part-time study as a good model in providing existing employees with the skills and knowledge that can improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Part-time undergraduate students gain skills that benefit businesses well before they graduate.
  • 69% of students said their part-time undergraduate course had improved their confidence at work.
  • 66% of students reported that they had used what they had learned in their jobs.
  • 29% of students were awarded a pay increase, and 28% received a promotion while they were studying part-time.